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    Manufacture and Assembly
    Accuride has factories with the area more than one hundred square feet and more than 60 sets of roll forming machines so that the company can reliably handle projects in all scales. We buy more than one hundred million lbs of steel every year and have three steel rolling production lines. Besides, we can undertake the flexible and varied design and production.
    We are specialized in:
    ·Roll forming
    ·Mold Casting
    ·Metal stamping
    ·Plastics injection molding
    ·Extrusion forming of plastic and aluminum products
    ·Integration of components
    The surface area of Accuride’s electroplating products is over 75 million square feet, and the electroplating scale is the first in the world. Accuride is the first slide rail manufacturer in the world which applies the electroplating process to the ball bearing slide rails, and has also developed the surface coating with a strong resistance to corrosion. Our factory can independently complete all the electroplating process, which reduces the cost and is convenient for quality control.

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