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    Vision:Be the Experts in Movement Solutions
    Mission:To bring properity and well being to our share holders,stake holders and society at large by generating profitable business through design,engineering,manufacture and marketing/sales of telescopic slides and access and movement systems
    Core Values for our success:
    Integrity: we behave honestly, ethically, reliably, and sincerely in all actions.
    Continuous Improvement: we look for ongoing ways to improve and evaluate our work, and we continue to increase our skills and knowledge.
    Respect: We show consideration, fairness, courtesy, and regard for others.
    Communication: we encourage proactive, skill, and honest two-way communications.
    Excellence: we deliver programs, products and services of the highest standards.
    Innovation: we encourage originality, imagination, and flexibility in thinking, planning, and delivering programs and services.
    Accountability: we take responsibility for our actions and tasks.
    Customer First: we are committed to meeting customer needs through the highest level of advocacy, responsiveness, accuracy, and respectful interactions.
    Leadership: we demonstrate professionalism, fairness, advocacy, and collaborative behavior in our internal operations and campus activities.
    Diversity: we appreciate and actively promote difference of all kinds.
    Teamwork: promote collaboration and information sharing without boundaries.
    Trust: keep our promises.
    Passion: refuses to lose, never gives up, embrace changes, and looks for new & better ways.
    iFact Attitude: use of fact, result-oriented, number talking.

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