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    The Green Journey
    Accuride has always given top priority to the environment and we continue to take measures to ensure that we not only pay attention to our business, but also focus on the environmental protection issue.
    A lot of activities done by Accuride are related to the environmental awareness. Some activities are small, but some involve changes to the manufacturing process, such as the adjustment of the electroplating process.
    RoHS Requirements
    -RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance means that the product (and waste) contains minimum amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PCBS) and polybrominated diphenyl ether.
    -As early as in July 2005, Accuride started to use the trivalent chromium in the electroplating process instead of hexavalent chromium to comply with the set standards of RoHS directive.
    -All the zinc electroplating and white electrophoresis slide rails and its components, such as shock absorbers and plastic supports, should meet the RoHS requirements, except for the black electroplating applied on limited products.
    -The RoHS compliance reduces the risks of the whole product line from manufacturing staff to consumers exposed to the harmful substances.
    Lower Energy Consumption
    -Accuride has reduced the number of electroplating equipment in Mexicali, Mexico by a third, with the same production level, through process improvements, thus greatly reducing the consumptions of the electricity, gas and water.
    -Compressed air plays a role in the manufacturing process of the slide rail and Accuride, engineering team has developed an innovative solution to maintain the system pressure, which has reduced the load by 10% ~20%.
    Utilization of Water Resources
    -Accuride is actively seeking to reduce the consumption of water in the manufacturing process. In fact, ongoing efforts in the Mexicali plant has decreased water consumption by 33% in the electroplating process.
    -The flow-limiting system can accurately control the water consumption of the electroplating equipment.
    Wastewater Treatment
    -All the processing water is processed to neutralize or minimize harmful components.Accuride uses high-tech polymer to filter and adsorb the residues of harmful substances in the manufacturing process.
    The used and cleaned cloth can be used to wipe the oil residue and can be repeatedly used. Before disposal, the cloth should be cleaned and properly treated according to the environmental requirements.
    ISO 14001 Plan of Environmental Policy
    -This is a comprehensive environmental management standard with certification awarded by a third party auditor.
    -The factory in Suzhou, Diez, Germany has been audited and passed ISO14001 environmental standards
    Accuride strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Our environmental policies include commitments in accordance with local environmental laws (sometimes even higher than the standard requirements), the effective use of raw materials and the reduction of waste.
    Social Responsibility Policy
    Respect for labor rights and interests, pay attention to employees' health and safety, protect the environment, comply with professional ethics and related laws and regulations, to achieve continuous improvement by training, participation and multi communication.

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