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    Basic Characteristics of Accuride slides
    There are roller slides and ball slides on the market. The normal ball slide isformed of ball bearings, inner and inner/outer rail.
    Load Capacity: Light-Duty/Medium-Duty/Heavy Duty
    Section:2 sections/3 sections
    Application Field: Industrial / Woodworking  / Electronic industry
    Cabinet Member/Intermediate Member/Chassis or Drawer Member/Ball Retainer/BallBearings
    Travel refers to how far the drawer can be pulled out from the cabinet. Thelarger the travel is, the more space will be accessible at the rear of thedrawer.
    -? Travel
    The slide can open only 75% of the closed slide length
    -Full Travel
    The opening length of the drawer is equal to the length of the Slide.
    -Over travel
    The opening length of the drawer is more than the length of the Slide.
    -Two-way Travel
    The slide will open in two directions with the length of the stretched partaccounting for ? total length of the Slide
    Side Space refers to the mounting space between the side walls of cabinet and draweror between the case and the rack?
    Cross sections and load ratings
    Load rating range is based on slide length.
    Factors toconsider when selecting a slide

    -Weight of chassis /drawer
    -Side space available between chassis /drawer and rack/cabinet
    -Height, width, and depth of chassis /drawer
    -Depth of rack/cabinet
    -Travel desired
    -Application-specific requirements
    -Disconnect of chassis /drawer needed
    -Locks needed
    -Mounting holes needed
    -Optional mounting hardware for mounting in rack or enclosure

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