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    Whirlpool  ?  GE  ?  Electrolux  ?  Sub-Zero  ?  Viking
    These companies are just a few of the manufacturers who have incorporated the premium movement of Accuride ball bearing slides into their products. They know Accuride designs innovative slide solutions to maximize space, while also managing high and low temperatures and wet conditions.
    Appliance Application
    Refrigeration Solutions
    Crisper Drawers ? Deli Trays ? Freezer Baskets ? Wine and Soda Cooler Shelves ? Pull-out Bottom Freezers ? Under-Counter Refrigerated Drawers
    -Light, medium, or heavy-duty solutions to safely carry drawers, storage units, and pullout freezers.
    -Special features such as soft close and self-closing.
    -Food-grade grease formulations for safe, smooth operation.
    Slide Highlight:  The Aero III is a compact OEM slide solution designed for the refrigeration segment of the market.

    Oven Rack Slide Assemblies

    Complete solution includes racks, slides, and brackets to fit wire rack supports or moulded cavities.
    -Provides easy rack removal and reinsertion with full extension or over travel slide options.
    -Nickel chrome plated steel or stainless steel slides available.
    -Longer-lasting NSF-approved grease option for smooth movement.
    Warming/Cooking Drawers

    Accuride brings safe ball bearing movement to cooking applications.
    -Durable medium- and heavy-duty slides ensure minimal drawer deflection and rack.
    -Heat-resistant steel and polymer components designed for high temperature environments.
    -Internal self-closing mechanism available to ensure closure.

    Accuride products for dishwashers withstand high temperatures, detergent, and water.
    -Slides constructed of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant polymers.
    -Over travel provides access when countertop overhangs are present.
    -Slides are adaptable to a vertical adjustment feature.
    Laundry Accessories

    Add storage or expand workspace for sorting and folding with Accuride slides.
    -Partial, full extension, or over travel provide access.
    -Self-closing option brings drawers to a close.
    -Touch-release option for hands-free, toe-kick opening of drawers.

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