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    Accuride has designed sliding hardware to solved access problems in electronic enclosures and server racks.  Its professional team cannot only complete the development of products with special requirements, but also can compile the technical manual to help our customers complete the installation of the slide in their equipment.
    With the narrow sectional area and re-insertion patent, Accuride slide can be suitable for 1 ~ 8U case and can bear loads up to 200 lbs.
    2507 | 2904 | 2807 | 2907 | 2907WB | 3507
    Designing Slides into Electronic Enclosures
    This explains the cabinet, structure, chassis, slide and key sizes influencing the installation. The manual will provide the illustration in detail.
    ??Guide for Selection of Rack Mounting Accessories??
    Guide for Selection of Slide Bracket and Bracket Assy. for Electronic Enclosures

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